Duval Pad Cutter

Duval Pad Cutter


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The Duval Pad Cutter is an excellent way to save time, effort, and money while working on pads. To cut your pads to fit exactly where you need them to, simply shape the shoe to fit, place the shoe on the pad and mark an outline of the shoe, then turn the handle of the Duval Pad Cutter as you feed the pad material into the cutter. Be sure to feed the pads from the side of the Pad Cutter that says “Duval Pad Cutter, Yucaipa, CA.” Please Note: Do Not trim pads while they are mounted on the shoes! The blades of the Duval Pad Cutter are tempered steel, and they will chip if the shoe should bump them.

To mount the Duval Pad cutter, attach the mounting bracket (7/8” or 1”) to the bottom of the Pad Cutter using the pre-tapped holes. The bracket then fits into a hardy hole for easy access. The Pad Cutter can also be mounted permanently to a bench or truck without using the bracket.

The tempered steel blades of the Duval Pad Cutter make it easy to cut pads quickly, accurately, and with less effort and stress on your body.