Hoof Packing Accessories

Hoof Packing Accessories

Contouring plastic is translucent, heavy mil plastic sheeting used to spread and contour adhesive applications without sticking to the adhesive. Available in a 6”X10’ roll.

Equi-Mesh is a durable, flexible ballistic nylon mesh used underneath a nailed on shoe to provide retention for pour-in pad. The mesh is sandwiched in the middle of the pour to help retain the pad should it lose its bond to the bottom of the hoof. Equi Mesh is 6.5" x 6.5" and is packaged in packs of 15 pieces.

FootPro Foam Boards are 5.75” x 6” and are designed to use as a dam to contain the liquid urethane materials during dispensing without a pad and create a customized finish to the pour-in pad surface. The Peel-n-Stick feature allows the user to adhere the pad to the shod foot securely without having to hold it, or tape it in place. Foam Boards can also be stacked together for use as an emergency therapeutic pad that is taped to the hoof for immediate, temporary pain relief, comfort and to hold treatment materials against the bottom of the hoof.



Large Stretch Wrap with handle

1" diameter extended core is less bulky and easier to handle.

Built-in disposable handle is ready to use right out of the box.

High quality Uline cast film.

Uline Bundle Wrap - 150 gauge, 3" x 600'