Natural Balance Wedge Performance Leverage Reducer (PLR)

Natural Balance Wedge Performance Leverage Reducer (PLR)

The optimized reduction of leverage offered by the Performance Leverage Reducer Wedge has been proven as a superior tool to treat and prevent lameness as well as improve performance.

Special Design Features

  • Optimized Multi-Directional Breakover Relief
  • Available in a FLAT & WEDGED Version (Wedge Shoe is approximately 3 degrees)
  • The Aluminum PLR shoe is made of a forged aluminum alloy that is heat treated for added hardness. This combination offers a light, yet durable shoe for optimal performance.

Possible Uses

The Aluminum PLR Shoes are used for a wide variety of disciplines ranging from hunter & jumpers to gaming & speed event horses. Show horses and rodeo performance horses find the wide-web aluminum to be beneficial for traction, and the design helps keep the horses from interfering & forging.