Bellota Rasps

Bellota Rasps


  • The Classic rasp has an aggressive rasp side with the file side smooth enough for finishing the outer wall for show horses.

Top Sharp

  • The Top Sharp style has same rasp side as Classic but has coarser file side for better cutting.

     Top Level

    • The Bellota Top Level is slightly thinner and about 12% wider (approximately 1.95") than traditional Bellota styles. The 8 tooth rasp side pattern has an aggressive cut and an intermediate file side, similar to the Top Sharp

    Top Level Long

    • This 17” rasp has the width and thickness of the Top Level. The cut of the rasp side and the file side are also the same as the Top Level. This would be a good choice for Big Hoof users.

    Raptor + Plus

    • The Bellota Raptor + Rasp is 33% wider than regular rasps, ideal for large hooves. Special steel characteristics combined for the longest durability. The rasp side is most aggressive (8 teeth/row) for the fastest removal of hoof material and the file side is coarse cut for the most efficient finish in all working conditions.

    Prime Level

    • The Prime Level complements the Top Level and provides a chip breaker style file side in a wider, thinner rasp. Many farriers prefer this type file side cut for its smoother finishing of the outer wall.

     Prime Finish

    • The Prime Finish+ file features the new chip-breaker cut for a smoother wall finish. The coarse side of this file has a cut that is the same as the smooth side of the Razor Plus. High-grade Bellota steel provides extra durability

     14" Half Round Pipeliner File

    • Used for shoes and foot

    Top Finish File

    • Top Finish file is used to dress outer wall to a show finish

    12" Triangle File

    • Smooth, clean finish
    • Use for tight areas like clip or calks