Glue-On Shoes


Dalric B

Early stage of club foot syndrome. Most club feet develop 4-8 months of age. Early detection is vital for maximum results. Protects the coffin bone from trauma.

•Easy to apply
•Quick results
•Reduces strain of deep flexor
•Prevents bruising and abscesses
•Reduces dish formation
•Removable wedge inserts

Medial/Lateral Extensions

Lateral Extensions used for:

•Toe in Ankles (Varus) fetlocks
•Bowed and Offset Knees
•Bowed Hocks Optimal correction requires early application. (Birth to 2 months due to early physis closure.)
Reasons for Use:
•Easy to apply (adjustable)
•Dramatic results when used early
•Enhances dynamic stability
•Relieves stress on young bones
•Minimizes hoof and joint distortion

Heel Extensions

•Easy to apply
•Dramatic results
•Prevents crushed heels
•Prevents the usual heel bruises and abscesses
•Establishes proper joint alignment

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