W-Brand Horseshoer's Ruler

W-Brand Horseshoer's Ruler


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16" Stainless Steel ruler that features bar stock measurement chart for making horseshoes

A 16″ stainless steel ruler that has two measurement scales on the front side. One scale is the regular inch calibration. The other is a centering rule that starts at zero in the center and goes to 8″ each way. This centering rule can be used as an easy way to lay out holes on flat stock while making shoes. It also works well for finding the center when trimming feet. The back of the ruler features several tables. A) The lengths of steel required to make different sizes of handmade shoes, including bar shoes B) Bar stock weight in ounces per inch for 7 different types of steel used for horseshoe stock C) How to size a shoe by measuring the foot from heel to heel D) Pritchel point dimension guide