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Thoro'Bred Legacy Racing Plates

$ 12.45

*scroll down for more style descriptions*

Legacy Lo Toe

The LEGACY LOW TOE FRONT is used on hard or fast tracks. It provides traction with less strain on tendons and ligaments when compared to a Regular or Quarter Horse Toe. The LOW TOE grab on this shoe protrudes (3.8mm) above the aluminum.

Available sizes 4-7F.

Legacy Queens Plate XT

The LEGACY Series is thicker, wider and stronger than traditional racing plates and the tapered sole relief is improved to help reduce sole pressures and bruising. Now with more nail holes for increased nailing options, an improved overall shape and deeper fullering to keep nail heads tight.

Available sizes 4-7F. Also

*10pr. Box and 60 set Case*

Legacy Queens Plate XT Side Clip

The LEGACY QUEENS PLATE XT FRONT with SIDE CLIPS was based upon our Traditional Queens XT, with all the added features packed into the Legacy Series. The hardened steel XT toe grab protrudes .080″ (2mm) above the aluminum surface for additional traction.

Available sizes 4-7F.