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$ 775.00

The PF-200 Pro-Forge reflects just that and delivers what today's farrier wants in a fire. Clean, fast heat that's easy to weld in. Pro-Forge took for granted that you wanted high heat without sacrificing fuel efficiency. You needed bar stock ports, cast iron doors that don't warp and a hassle free ignition system. Now you've got it.


Door - Length 12", Height 3 1/2" at opening, Firebox depth 8"

Exterior - Length 16", Height 17 1/2", Width 15"


2450 degrees Fahrenheit at 7 lbs. Higher temps at higher pressures

Time to Heat:

First heat of the day - approximately 4 minutes  

Normal heats - 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 minutes (depending on shoe size)

Working Pressures:

Average - 7-10 lbs.

Welding - 10-12 lbs.


Forge Weight - 55 lbs.