Pro Forge

Pro Forge


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Pro Forge

One of the best on the market! Comes complete with ignition, 8' hose, regulator, and pressure gauge. Clean, fast heat that's easy to weld in.

  • A bar stock port; cast iron doors that don't warp; hassle free ignition
  • Twin Instachange Jets that realign instantly after cleaning.
  • Hearth plates you can change right through the front door.
  • Round design & manufacturing process that ensure it stays intact even on those bumpy roads


  • Door: 12''x3 1/2
  • Firebox: 8'' deep
  • Exterior: Length 16''
  • Height 17 1/2''
  • Width 15"


HEATS UP FAST-2 1/2 to 4 min depending on shoe size. Heats to 2450 degrees F @ 7lbs- Higher temp @ higher pres.