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Natural Balance Steel Shoes

$ 9.00

Natural Balance (NBS)

The design for the Natural Balance Horseshoe is based on field research regarding the natural wear patterns of unshod wild horses. The Natural Balance Shoe rolled toe design and sole relief provide the proper bio-mechanics for a more natural, stressless foundation to improve performance and comfort.

Available sizes: 00-2 Front & Hind patterns, 3-5 Fronts only

Lite Sport

The Steel Natural Balance® Lite Sport Shoe is a lite-rim, rolled toe shoe which offers good support to the hoof and protection to P-3. The toe area on the foot side is seated out to eliminate sole contact beneath the tip of P-3. The toe portion also has greater mass which means more material for wear. This will help maintain optimal P-3 and hoof wall orientation through a longer shoeing period.

Available sizes: 4x0-1 Fronts only.