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Mustad Nails

$ 8.05

City Head

The flat head has a proper fit in most standard, u-creased shoes. The strong shank is slimmer compared to a regular nail which makes driving easier, reliable and safer, at the same time hoof wall damage is minimized.


This nail fits very well in Concave shoes and can be nailed on beautifully. Offers a small angle between nail head and the shank of the nail. Supports nailing with a correct angle which reduces possible pressure on the hoof wall which could occur when bad combinations of nail to shoe are applied. The longer slim and strong shank gives the option to nail higher when this is preferred or necessary.

E Head

This nail is a multi-purpose nail and can be used for a variety of horses, shoes and sport disciplines. The nail will have a good fit in all V-fullered shoes and is available in a large variety of sizes.


The head has a facet grinding to provide a deeper fit in the nail hole. The JC nail has a longer and smaller blade compared to the J nail and is available in many sizes which gives the farrier the opportunity to use this nail in a large variety of shoes.


The ultra slim MX nail is designed to reduce hoof wall displacement to a maximum and to provide a very smooth and accurate drive of the nail. This nail is especially suited for those horses with very sensitive or thin hoof walls.


This is a multi-purpose nail often used in Quarter horses and race horses. Precision, accuracy and reliability are key features of all our nails, the error margins of Mustad nails is minimal. To aid in the right placement of the nail, the Mustad M is always placed on the same side.