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Kerckhaert SX Series

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This was the first series Kerckhaert developed specifically for the North American market. A light, strong shoe, the SX-7 series is widely used by horses of many disciplines, including Quarter Horses, light hunters and Thoroughbreds. The precise punching for slim blade nails (or race nails in smaller sizes) provides a shoe that can easily be used for the normal foot as well as smaller hooves and horses with thin walls.

Available sizes: 4x0-2 Front & Hind patterns.


The perfect complement to the SX-7 is the SX-8. It is a wider, 5/16 inch (8 mm) thick shoe designed for heavy duty use. The SX-8 is widely used by horses that require more strength and support from their shoes, from the mountains and ranches of the west in America to the courses and jumping areas of the A show circuit. The precise punching for city or slim blade nails allows for strong nailing with placement that works for the perimeter fit of the range or the set back, full fit often used on the show circuit.

Available sizes: 00-3 Front & Hind patterns.