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Kerckhaert Half Round

$ 6.35

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Classic Roller

The Classic family shows how the Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Company meets the demand of farriers worldwide. The new Classic Roller, with the latest half round section, is able to adapt to the modern styles in shoeing horses by increasing break over, which many farriers choose to follow.

Toe Clipped - available sizes: 1-3 Fronts only

Quarter Clipped - available sizes: 00-4 (22x8mm), 3 (24x8mm)

*10 pr. Box*

SX Roller

With features similar to the Classic Roller, this shoe is an excellent choice for horses needing additional ease of break-over, whether for movement in performance, or simply more comfort because of injuries or chronic ailments. While this half round style boasts more ground surface than a true half round, it allows the ease of break-over half round shoes are noted for. The crease gives traction while not taking away from the rollover effect of the shoe.

Available sizes: 00-2 Fronts only (unclipped)

*15 pr. Box*


The TDR is creased, giving good traction as well as the break-over it's famous for.

Available sizes: 00-2