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Kerckhaert Aluminum Shoes

$ 11.15

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Aluminum Comfort Clipped

Aluminum Comfort shoes support the entire hoof with built in sole relief, steel toe insert providing better break-over of the foot, better movement coordination, optimized balance and less pressure on the sole and tendons.

Available sizes: 0-3

*10 pr. Box available*

Century Support

Broad and solid toe with integrated wear plate for extra wear and grip. Pre-formed roll over in the toe for easy break-over with minimum effort, therefore reducing fatigue. Wide heels support the hoof mechanism, stimulate the blood circulation and helps to promote good hoof wall quality. Clips placed on the outside of the shoe to minimize rasping and to save the hoof wall, making fitting quick and easy. All of the shoe edges are perfectly beveled, to prevent brushing, injuring, overreaching and stepping off shoes; this ensures maximum safety to horse and rider.

Available sizes: 00-3 Fronts only.

*15 pr. Box available*

Aluminum Triumph

The aluminum Triumph allows the modern sport horse to perform at its maximum, while maintaining the hoof in perfect health. The Triumph program is quickly growing to adapt to the different demands from farriers worldwide.

Clipped - Available sizes: 000-4

Unclipped - Available sizes: 4x0-3

Wedge - Available sizes: 000-3

*15 pr. Box available*