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KB Aluminum Egg Bars

$ 25.70

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Navicular Egg Bar

The Navicular Therapeutic Horseshoe has a unique break-over system designed to reduce stress on he coffin joint. The enhanced egg bar design and rolled toe, combined with advanced alloy, reduce weight on the hoof and provide dynamic support. Shaping is accomplished either hot or cold and making modifications, such as welded on accessories, is simple. All this makes for a therapeutic shoe without equal.

Race Egg Bar

This is the shoe of champions. From the Kentucky Derby to the Red Mile, this has been a KB Horseshoe winner for more than ten years. The KB Racing Horseshoe is also a good choice for young horses just getting started. It is lighter by design, has a thinner, narrower web, with an elevated toe grab, and a Newmarket-style nail hole pattern. You can shape it cold at the horse, or hot out of the forge.

Wedge Egg Bar

As the name implies, our three-degree egg bar gives the horse just enough extra lift to excel in various activities, including challenging sporting events. Each shoe is machined to a precision three-degree graduation from heel to toe. Break-over at the toe is also enhanced by our precise rolled toe. The three degrees of elevation provide excellent support for orthopedic applications.

Flat Egg Bar

KB Flat Egg bars, the original KB Horseshoes, are made from the finest aircraft quality aluminum allow. Our flat egg bars are unequaled in design, function, durability and ease of use. Modifications such as clips drilling and taping as well as welded-on accessories are easily accomplished. Whether it be for jumping six- foot fences or for adds support in a pasture, this shoe adds stability and offers comfort for the horse and piece of mind for the owner.