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Heller Rasps

$ 25.60

Heller hoof rasps are designed and crafted by Heller International, a member of the Mustad Group.

The 14” Red Tang Farrier Rasp has set an industry standard combining state-of-the-art sharpening and special tooth design, giving you one of the sharpest, longest lasting rasp available.

The Blackmaster is the premium Farrier Rasp! It features an industry standard combining state-of-the-art sharpening and special tooth design. It also has Simonds special black coating that resists clogging, rust, and stays sharper longer.

 The Big Hoof Rasp is a full 17” rasp from heel to shoulder, giving you 3” more than a standard rasp. This rasp allows you to use fewer strokes, increasing your efficiency and reducing fatigue. This rasp can be used for warm bloods, draft horses, or any large horses.

The Master Finishing Rasp has two file sides differing in density. This rasp can be used for polishing and finishing the hoof.

The Heller Legend is a rasp with a larger tooth angle, resulting in a more open structure in the rasp. This structure makes the rasp well suited for softer, damper horn material that tends to clog a finely toothed rasp. The file side of the Heller rasps is sharp, enabling efficient removal of material with little effort.

The GR8AT Red Tang features the exclusive Heller 8-teeth design, developed by Heller to provide a more accurate and professional shoeing job, with its two additional teeth on each row.

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