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Grand Circuit Aluminum Shoes

$ 38.40

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Morrison Open Roller

The original Morrison Open Roller designed by Dr. Scott Morrison of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, KY. Dr. Morrison prescribes this shoe for horses with arthritic form of navicular, chronic heel pain or low grade founder. The design of the shoe helps relieve stress on the hoof capsule.

Open Performance Wedge Roller

Designed for the performance horse to ease stress on the hoof capsule and support structures by providing a slight wedge with rolling motion. Increased ground surface at the toe from as well as increased heel support. This gives better wear and heel coverage as well as improved “float”.

 Open Performance Xtra

Finally, a shoe designed for a Warmblood. ½” thick stock sizes
offers more float on soft ground, more ground surface for better wear and more heel support. Available Sizes 10-12.

 The T Shoe

Designed to treat Navicular Disease and bony column disorders. Provides no resistance to break-over (the source of most heel pain). With frog support, the T Shoe can be used successfully to treat laminitis.Available in sizes 5-10.