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Capewell Nails

$ 8.25

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Each nail has carefully computed tapers and angles, along with a sharp beveled point for improved accuracy and easy driving. The performance is unmatched and with so many nail types and sizes to choose from, it's easy to find the one that's meant for your horse.

City Head

Manufactured from the highest quality steels under carefully monitored production procedures. Uniformly tempered to give optimum elasticity while preserving material strength & specifications. Designed & formed to permit easy, accurate driving.

Plater Special

Plater Special horseshoe nails are used on sliding plates for a smooth rasped finish for sliding.


Capewell Race Nails are an excellent choice when working on race horses.

Regular Head

RH nails for use with larger shoes - farm, draft, and show horses, also used for resets.

Slim Blade

Slim Blade horseshoe nails are used mostly with thin wall hooves and brittle hooves.