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Bellota Rasps

$ 13.45


The smooth cut of the Classic file side is the best choice for a smooth finish.                                                            (14” long x 1-3/4” wide)

Top Sharp

Like its name implies, the rasp side of the Razor offers an extreme cut when compared to other Bellota rasps, while the file side is also coarser.  (14” long x 1-3/4” wide)


This new rasp is 14” long by 2-1/4” wide. The extra width of this rasp provides a greater cutting surface.     The Bellota Raptor features a maximum cut on the rasp side; with a coarse cut on the file side.  

Pipeliner File 

The Bellota Pipeliner, with 2 round edges. Each file is checked, one by one, to ensure quality and provide perfect filing. All Bellota files are protected by a rust proofing treatment.